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امروز، یک نمونه مکالمه را خواهید دید که ممکن است در جایی مثل کنفرانس داشته باشید. دقت کنید شخصیت ها درباره چه موضوعاتی صحبت می کنند.

Getting Acquainted

?WAITER: Another drink sir

.WALTER: No thank you

?SUE: Excuse me – is anyone sitting here

.WALTER: No – please have a seat

!SUE: That’s better – my feet are killing me

?WALTER: Have you been here long

.SUE: No, but I just flew in this morning, and I haven’t had a chance to sit down since then

?WALTER: Oh, where have you come from

.SUE: From Manila

?WALTER: Is this your first visit to Australia

.SUE: No, I have been once before, but it was a long time ago

?WALTER: And have you been to Sydney before

.SUE: No, it’s an amazing city

.WALTER: Yes, it has its points. But you’re lucky to live in Manila. It’s a fascinating city

?SUE: What about yourself? Do you live in Sydney

.WALTER: No, I live in Melbourne. I’m just here for the conference

?SUE: I’m going to Melbourne later. What’s the weather like there

?WALTER: Not too good in winter, but at the moment it should be okay. So, how’s your hotel

.SUE: It’s good. Very convenient – just near the harbour

?WALTER: Have you seen the Opera House yet

!SUE: Yes, we flew right over it

.WALTER: Excuse me – there’s someone I must talk to .(stands) It’s been very nice to meet you. I’m Walter by the way

.SUE: You too. I’m Sue. Perhaps we’ll meet later

WALTER: I hope so.


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