Bankruptcy - ورشکستگی



وقتی تاجر، سرمایه‌گذار و یا صاحب کسب‌وکار نتواند تعهدات تجاری خود را انجام دهد و از پرداخت بدهی‌ها عاجز باشد، می‌توان گفت که حالت «ورشکستگی» رخ داده است.


A financially trouble company may undergo a restructuring of its activities, in order to remain in business.

The restructuring often takes place when a firm receives new investment or funding.

Restructuring plan

To receive new funds, the company may need to prepare a restructuring plan, demonstrating that it can use the money successfully.

Federal loans

In the US, companies and individuals somtimes receive loans from the national government.

As the U.S is a federal government, these are known as federal loans.


When a price or static fall sharply, it is sometimes said to tumble.

Wipe out

To wipe out something means to eliminate or destroy it completely.

For example, a company may wipe out its debts through bankruptcy.


Layoffs are job losses, or redundancies, resulting from poor company performance or economic conditions.

Salaried employees

Workers who receive their pay in the form of a weekly or monthly salary, instead of being paid by the hour.


One common term for salaried employees is white-collar employees, based on the traditional color of businessmen’s shirts.


This term contrasts with blue-collar, which refers to workers with less skilled or non-professional jobs.


Used to describe a payment made to senior employees in exchange for giving up their jobs.

to buyout

These employees are said to have been bought out.