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بحران مالی - Financial Crisis

بحران مالی

Financial Crisis

بحران مالی به وضعیتی گفته می‌شود که منابع مالی بخش بزرگی از ارزش خود را از دست بدهند. سقوط بازار سهام، ترکیدن حباب‌های اقتصادی و بحران واحد پولی از دیگر وضعیت‌هایی هستند که می‌توان گفت «بحران مالی» رخ داده است.

Economic Meltdown

A meltdown is a sever and often sudden deterioration of financial insititutions or assets, resulting in huge financial loss.


A recession is a period of economic decline.

Usulally defined as two or more quarters of negative economic growth.

Credit Crunch

Also known as the credit squeeze or credit crisis.

A situation where banks reduce the availability of loans or credit to customers, due to the increased risk of not being repaid.


A mortgage is a loan for a house or property.


Subprime refers to the poor credit rating of the borrower.

Subprime Mortgage

A housing loan given to people with poor credit histories.


A certificate of ownership for stocks, bonds, or other financial assets.


The process of turning assets into securities, which are then assigned a value and traded.

Collateralized Debt Obligations - CDOS

Securities backed by a varity of fixed income assets, usually packages of mortgages.

Bail Someone out

To bail someone out means to help someone of a difficult situation.

Financial bailout

Providing financial assistance to a failing business to saveit from collapse.

Troubled - asset relief program - TARP

T.A.R.P is an attempt to strengthen the financial sector by buying toxic assets from the banks.


Toxic means poisonous or harmful.

Toxic assets

Toxic assets are high-risk debts that are unlikely to be repaid to lenders.


To provide new funds to a company to help improve its stability and ability to function normally.

Used by governments to improve the stability of banks affected by the credit crunch.


Cash or assets that can be quickly turned into cash.

Money markets

A group of markets where lenders, usually banks, are matched whit other institutions that want to borrow money.

Stimulus plan

Some econimists believe that when an economy goes into recession, it is possible to stumulate, or encourage, growth by spending public money.

Quantitative easing

Money injected into the economy in order to stumulate and encourage spending.

Sustainable economic growth

A growth pattern that combines a higher productivity level with the sustainable consumption of raw materials.