Effective Communication in Business Meetings


This course aims at helping language learners with adequate linguistic competence to make the leap in more professional and business meetings, and those who are interested in enhancing their specialized knowledge retail shopping and mall management.

This course is mainly held as group workshops to simulate the real-time meetings and encourage participants to contribute to the discussions.

The main objective of this course is to boost self-confidence of participants in a way that they are enabled to communicate effectively and fluently in business meetings and their technical training sessions in English language, and to lessen their concern regarding observing cultural issues and business etiquette. Each session, an English language coach takes part in business meetings of the organization and provides the representatives of the organization with adequate assistance where necessary and provides feedback on their performance.

Business Meetings | Content of the Course
  • Content of the Course:

    • Vocabulary, expressions, and key dialogues in formal business meetings.
    • Hints and tips for giving a persuasive presentation, including audience engagement.
    • Correct use of English for specific purposes; namely, mall management, retail shopping, mall construction and development management, etc.
  • Appropriate Circumstance:

    • One sessions a week, with detailed focus on up-to-date business references.
    • Group classes to simulate the real-time meetings.
    • Participants only with adequate linguistic competence.
Business Meetings | Skills Obtained
  • Course Objectives:

    • Boost participants’ self-confidence to express their ideas during meetings.
    • Enhance participants’ skill the build rapport with foreign counter parts.
    • Increase participants’ awareness of cultural differences and business etiquette.
  • Skills Obtained:

    • Expressing one’s ideas, agree and disagree formally with others during meetings.
    • Getting familiar with techniques for comprehending different types of topics related to mall management.
    • Having small talks before and after the meetings and during coffee-breaks.
    • Building respectful but friendly rapport with foreign delegates.
    • Learning time management in a meeting, note-taking, setting agenda and writing a meeting report.
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