The Express Training Course Tailored for Organizational Managers and Executives


The Express Training Course Tailored for Organizational Managers and Executives

The Express Training Course or in short “Charter” is an exclusive course designed to meet special needs of organizational delegates. This course is tailored to satisfy any urgent and critical need which may arise in English learning occasions.

When such need arises, a group of organizational experts might need to improve their technical knowledge of English, especially listening and speaking in a very tight deadline. The outcome of such course is of crucial importance to the organization. In this case, Baran Group’s special team would be assigned to undertake the successful implementation of the Express Training Course, named Charter. The team of the language experts is fully aware that the result of the course would play an important role individually or for the organization. The duration of such course is minimized to the extent possible and it would be defined as a group training project with a starting and finishing date. The material and content of this course would be tailored exclusively. Charter shares no common feature with other courses in Baran and is one-of-a-kind.

What is the Objective of Charter Course?

The objective is to enable the organizations to make the most of any probable international opportunities with maximized speed and optimized performance.

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