Exclusive Course Tailored for Top Managers


Exclusive Course Tailored for Top Managers (VIP)

The Baran Group’s several years of experience in dealing closely with key people of organizations secured this understanding that senior executives have to be dealt with delicately, meaning an exclusive program designed and tailored in concordance with their individual characteristics, time constraints, and learning style is a must.

Each manager’s learning priority and needs determine the route. Having a comprehensive understanding of managers’ professional condition is a competitive advantage we possess, which results in the maximum effectiveness of VIP course.

VIP Course Standard Operation Procedure

VIP Course Standard Operation Procedure:

01. Needs Assessment: A 60-minute meeting is arranged with each individual executives, most of which is discussed in their mother tongue, in order to have a deep analysis of their real needs, strengths and weaknesses for language learning with psychology and learning management in mind. About 10 minutes of the meeting would be held in English for learners’ placement test to evaluate their present level of proficiency in English.


02. Roadmap: With regards to the information obtained during the needs assessment and placement, the most congruous road map would be designed individually for each VIP learner toward meeting their needs in General English, business English and mall management English (ESP).

Instruction and Monitoring

03. Instruction and Monitoring: Each week, two 90-minute sessions of one-on-one English language instruction will be held in learner’s office (in-house training). Baran’s Leading Educational Training Team (LETT) provides the learners with the best monitoring to get them fulfill their objectives, which have been set during the roadmap. Having a scientific mechanism and wisdom, LETT takes care of the learner alongside the way and makes sure to implement necessary adjustments should the need arise. LETT motivates the learner to follow the roadmap through enough feedback reports.

04. Boost of Learning for Executives: Telephone Conversation Program (TCP) was specifically designed to improve conversation skills. It is a great opportunity for VIP course to have a real workplace conversation with a private instructor. Each session includes English for mall management or relevant workplace and international business culture topic of twenty minutes. Each learner will receive an immediate feedback report after each call that helps them monitor their bit by bit progress or/and probable mistakes and errors; the TCP training path aims to increase their self-confidence in English communication and compensate for executives lack of practice time.

Project Result

05. Project Result: In this final step, LETT measures the learned subjects by the learner and compare them with the desired skills and needs defined in the first step to ensure the process has been satisfactory, efficient and effective. Any necessary action will be taken to produce the result.

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