This fall, Sho Yano became the smallest and youngest student at Loyola University in Chicago. Many think he is also the smartest student at nine years old. Children his age are in fourth grade. Sho is taking pre med courses. He plans to be both an MD, and a PhD. His mother and little sister go with him from class to class. They talk about his studies, as they walk

In chemistry class, Sho knows the answers before the other students. Sometimes he answers questions before the professor finishes asking them. Besides chemistry, he is studying music, biology, and English composition. His first paper was about the possible connection between cell phones, and cancer, his grade was an A minus. On his first chemistry exam, he scored 106 out of a possible 108.

Sho’s father, Katsura is from Japan. He is a successful businessman. His mother, Kim is from South Korea. She stays at home with the children. She homeschooled Sho through the 12th grade, which he finished when he was eight years old. Both of his parents are smart and have advanced degrees, but they do not have their sons gifts. By the time show was age two, he was writing. By age three, he was reading. By age four. He was playing classical music on the piano. And by age five, he was composing. He has written 29 songs, but on most afternoons, he is simply a child who likes to play with his friends.