Ethan Followwill

This is Ethan Followwill. He’s 19 years old and he’s a student. Ethan’s family is from the US. But now they’re in England. His parents have a nice house in a town near London.

These are Ethan’s parents. His father’s name is Jeremy and his mother’s name is Linda. Jeremy’s a businessman. He has a good job in London Linda’s a part time teacher. She likes cooking. And Ethan likes helping her.

Ethan has a big family. He has four sisters. Kate is 21, Jenny is 23, Sarah is 24 and Liz is 26. Kate, Jenny and Sarah are in England. But Liz isn’t. She’s in the US. Liz is married. She has an apartment in California with her husband, Michael.

Ethan likes music a lot. His favorite thing is his piano. He likes writing and playing music. He likes to play sports too. His best friend is Charlie. Ethan and Charlie both like baseball.

Ethan’s has a girlfriend named Laura. She’s not in England. She’s a student at a university in California. Ethan has a big family and good friends. He has a great life.