Tom: Good day, mate!

Casey: Tom? Why are you dressed like that?

Tom I’m crocodile Tom and this is Tommy. We’re taking a trip to Tom’s travels in Australia. I brought photos for you!

Casey: I didn’t know you went to Australia!

Tom: I was there last year.

Casey: How long were you there? Did you travel alone?

Tom: was there about two weeks. My cousin lives there. I have friends in Sydney, so they showed me around.

Casey: What places did you visit?

Tom: I started in Melbourne. That’s where my cousin lives. We went to an amazing old market there — Queen Victoria Market. They had all sorts of stuff!

Casey: Oh, wow. That looks great. How was the weather there? Was it cold?

Tom: Yeah, it was a little cool there, so you need to take a jacket. Then I went to Sydney. Look here. You have to take a boat trip to the harbor.

Casey: That looks nice.

Tom: After that I went to the Gold Coast. That’s north of Sydney. There are beautiful beaches there.

Casey: Wow. It almost looks like real gold. Did you get around by bus?

Tom: No. Actually, I prefer traveling by plane. Australia is a huge country so bus trips take too long. By bus it takes about… 8 hours to get from Sydney to Melbourne.

Casey: Oh yeah. That’s long. So what else did you do?

Tom: I went up the coast and went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. You must go there!

Casey: Absolutely!

Tom: Oh, and this was the best part of the trip. I went to the most amazing park — Kakadu National Park.

Casey: That’s gorgeous.

Tom: You can camp there, go hiking, and even make new friends! Casey? Can you do me a favor while you’re in Australia?

Casey: Yeah. Sure. What is it?

Tom: Well, I met a cool friend at Kakadu National Park. Will you say hi?

Casey: Sure. How will I find your friend? Do you have an e-mail address?

Tom No, but he lives at the park. Take this.

Casey: Tom!

Tom: What?

Casey: That’s a crocodile!

Tom: His name’s Tommy. I named this after him. Please say hi!