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Established November 01, 2001
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Baran Institute for International Communication

Registered No: 24699

Our private business communication school in Tehran, Iran offers corporate English and business communication skills  programs to companies, employees and executives for the International Business Communications based on ESP (English for Specific Purposes); i.e., for any type of leading or emerging industries e.g. English for Public Speaking  (Marketing Seminars), English for the Banking ProfessionCorporate Business English, an English course in Oil and Gas and many other courses necessary for the modern globalized world to advance their careers.

We are a leading Corporate English Language Training Service provider in Iran, with Pearson Education and Cambridge University BEC (Preliminary, Vantage and Higher) and other academic roadmaps. We are both academic and practical in our training approach to give your company exactly what it needs to help you boost your business in today’s competitive world.

We are interested to offer our English teaching services to your company in IranBaran Institute for International Communication, founded in 1 Nov 2001, provides in-house corporate English language training services.


Year founded:

Corporate English Language Training, Innovative tailor-made English Language Programs, Business Communication Skills, and Charter, SmartWay, Business English and VIP services.