Working with Baran


Young baran teachers have at least 5 years of training experience and have the highest level of flexibility to learn the language learners.

These people have bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees, and have English-language proficiency tests as well as they are enrolled at the University of Cambridge, and have a high level of skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.

In addition to being masters of academic education and sufficient familiarity with business language, the courses they teach help to have a good knowledge of executives and organizations and have appropriate managerial behavior. On the other hand, trainers will be given regular training from the beginning of the rainy season. These trainings have continued to this day and in no case have these training been cut off.

The reason that baran training is being held for professors on a regular basis can be the importance of updating and improving methods so that we can achieve optimal results at a lower rate. Rain training is a result-oriented and all our efforts are being made to achieve the best result, and this is the most important principle for rain training.

The selection of the professors of the baran is a very precise process. Professors, in addition to their specialized skills in teaching English and having sufficient language skills and knowledge, are capable of communication skills, which are among the most important criteria in the rain.

In the baran training courses, the professors, in addition to the specialty of teaching and learning managers, get acquainted with various industries, including the petroleum industry, the banking industry, transportation industry, commerce, etc., and they learn a special training course for that industry so that they can Provide the best learning conditions for top executives and key IT professionals.