Telephone Conversation Program


Telephone Conversation Program (TCP)

Telephone Conversation Program (TCP) improves course participants’ English conversation skills. It is a great opportunity for them to get an adequate level of conversation with a private instructor via phone. Each week, they will have two twenty-minute sessions at their own convenient time (options are available from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm).

They will receive an immediate electronic feedback report after each call that helps them monitor their progress including strengths and weaknesses; the TCP training roadmap aims at increasing their self-confidence in English communication.

An average beginner learner could improve his speaking skills as good as IELTS 7 band score.


Course Content

Common terms and vocabulary in everyday workplace English Discussing different topics and circumstances relevant to mall operation procedures.

During the course, we will:

  • Call them to set the of their weekly calls
  • Place their English level via asking some questions.
  • Send them immediate electronic report after each call and send you:
  1. The conversation report of the same day
  2. Next week’s topic and required grammar and vocabulary practice

During the course, they will:

  • Practice English conversation and master common telephone phrases
  • Increase their self confidence in English conversations
  • Be able to manage their professional calls personally

After this course, they will:

  • Have a good performance while receiving international calls
  • Expand their ESP and technical vocabulary
  • Learn telephone conversation skills
  • Manage a successful business meeting
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