Hi Five

There are many different ways of greeting people. The way you say hello, depends on where you are from and who you are greeting. Is the person a friend or a stranger? Are you at work or at home? Is it the morning or the evening?

Your greeting could be a wave, as you say hi. Or a big hug, as you say, Hello. Maybe you say hello with a handshake, or a kiss on the cheek. Do you kiss once, twice, three or four times?

In most countries, people greet each other with a handshake for business and other formal situations. There are also lots of other ways to greet people. In Japan, people greet each other with a bow. This shows respect, and can also mean goodbye and thank you.

In India and Nepal, the traditional way of saying hello and goodbye is the Namaste. People bow with their hands pressed together and their fingers pointing upwards in front of their chest. They often say Namaste when they do this. The word Namaste means I bow to you.

In New Zealand, people have a greeting called the Hongi one person presses their forehead and nose against the forehead and nose of another person.

Next time you greet someone, what greeting will you use?